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September 15, 2011
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PKMN Crossing App - Paige by Blazeflight1O1 PKMN Crossing App - Paige by Blazeflight1O1
- NAME: Paige
- NICKNAME: Ruffle-Fluff
- AGE: 9 years old and counting
- BIRTHDAY: December 5th
- GENDER: Female
- NATURE: Timid
- POKEMON / HUMAN: Flaaffy
- HOMETOWN: Snowpoint City/Floraroma Town

- HISTORY: Paige's parents met in the beautiful town of Floraroma. The shopkeeper of the Flower Shop had a wonderful Ampharos named Oran, who was also Paige's soon-to-be mother. The Trainer would die for the helpful Pokemon, who always seemed to be willing to work and clean up after a day at the Flower Shop. Oftentimes the shopkeeper would use her hard-earned money on Oran, giving her treats and decorative pieces of clothing. However, the Pokemon felt something was missing, something that couldn't be given or found so easily. A mate, a love.

Troubled by these thoughts Oran the Ampharos started to daydream and wander off more often, wondering what life would be like is she had a partner. The Trainer noticed this quickly and warned her to work and not get lost, and when that failed she set a curfew. If Oran didn't get home by this curfew her lovely flowers she adored so much would be sold to a neighbor.

Still the Pokemon was persistent on finding a mate, and one warm evening, she ran from the Flower Shop, not caring anymore about the curfew punishments. She set off into the fields that rose in the hills just north of Floraroma Town. She crept along the shadows, and spotted a tree, slathered with honey. Suddenly realizing she never had supper, she licked a morsel from the slab of honey, and something stirred near Floraroma. Beedrills! Panicked, Oran ran through the fields, barely escaping the Beedrills' needle arms. Gasping for breath she hid behind a boulder.

A yowl sounded from somewhere around the area of Route 205, and suddenly a Wartortle came charging down the Route, unleashing a Hydro Pump as he got towards the Beedrill swarm. The Beedrills' wings got soaked, and panicking, the bees fled from the Pokemon. The Wartortle peered behind the boulder and escorted Oran home, introducing himself as Kit and telling her to meet him at the Floraroma Meadow the next night.

As the two Pokemon met every night, Oran noticed she was getting quite plump. "I know what it is," Kit declared one night. "Oran, you're going to have a baby Pokemon!"

Shocked by the news, Oran left early. She had to brainstorm what to do if her Trainer were to notice. Certainly she would ban Oran from leaving the Flower Shop altogether! Even more troubled Oran decided what she must do; leave 'Pick a Peck of Colors' forever.

Oran dashed home, starting to sob as she realized how much this home meant to her and all the pretty flowers, and her trainer. She jumped in, and the shopkeeper, surprised, embraced her and scolded her for being past curfew. Slowly and sadly Oran confessed everything; Kit, her baby, her longing to go. After a while of pondering, the shopkeeper finally decided to let her go, holding her close in one last hug, and wrapping a pure white ribbon around Oran's tail, saying, "You will always be my little wrapped flower."

Soon after the Ampharos left, stayed together behind the boulder with Kit, and of course, had a baby Mareep. This was Paige. One day, when Paige was barely old enough to speak, Mother Oran whispered, "You will always be my little wrapped flower,", fondly remembering her shopkeeper and Trainer. She wrapped her last memory of the Trainer around Paige's tail, the orb on the end glowing like an angel's halo.

Of course, Paige grew and grew, living a simple life with her mother Oran and her father Kit. She was very smart and adventurous, and Oran began to feel a true love for her, her little flower. But she knew that one day she would have to leave, just like every Pokemon does. Just like how Oran left 'Pick a Peck of Colors'.

One day, a cold couple came to Floraroma on a tour. They were bratty and filthy rich, clogging up Floraroma's sweet aroma and trampling all the pretty flowers. Even Paige's family could smell them from where they lived, and one day, with all their best supplies, Kit and Oran set out to drive out the humans, leaving the little flower Paige in the crack of the boulder.

The parents did all they could, but in the end, were overpowered by the evil humans. Outraged, the humans declared war upon the family, and soon stole Paige to give to their spoiled daughter. Kit and Oran looked all over but haven't found Paige since.

Paige was living in cold Snowpoint City, where the rich family spoiled her and gave her gross, unhealthy foods. Being shy and scarred from the kidnapping, Paige was unable to make friends. Not even the playful pets on her fluffy coat calmed the Mareep. Angry, Paige often snuck out to pull pranks on the family, which she enjoyed, and made a friend in the process; a mischevious Hoothoot called Clockwise. She and Clockwise would run away to enjoy the snowy forest, and soon Paige evolved into a Flaaffy, turning colder now that she had lost most of her warm locks of wool. Clockwise's grandmother had a passion for knitting and soon Clockwise and Paige convinced her to knit them matching white outfits with lace.

Even with all this joy in Snowpoint City Paige couldn't get over her dirty owners. She longed to go back to her true parents, her Kit and Oran. "Then run away for good," Clockwise assured her. "You'll be away from them forever! I won't miss you," she added with a mischevious laugh. "Just kidding. I'd miss you a ton. But I think it's the right thing to do."

Paige took her friend's advice and crept out of the house for the last time, not even thinking about giving the child a goodbye. She set off in hopes of finding her real parents, soon landing in Pokette Town, exhausted. As soon as she moved in she quickly made friends with the townsfolk, especially Lola, her faithful neighbor. Still, she misses the times when she and Clockwise would go out into the forest. One day she plans to set out and find her real parents...

- HOBBY: Paige enjoys campfires and basking in the sun, despite her origin in Snowpoint City.
- JOB: Unemployed
- FAVORITE FOOD: Caramel Apples and Noodles
- CATCHPHRASE: "Nyeru..."
- ACCESSORIES: Ribbon and Dress, Hair Bands

This is Paige, my entry for :iconpkmn-crossing:.
Wanted to do something similar to my personality for once. I'm really antisocial irl.
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:iconchipthescraggy: "Hey kid, my mom wanted me to hand these flyers for her yoga class out." [link]
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"H-Hello, nyeru. I'd love to think about taking you lessons, nyeru! Thanks!"
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Aw, Paige is so cute!
Her history's pretty interesting too. Can't wait 'til you finish the story! :) I'd like to see how it ends.
Blazeflight1O1 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much!
Yes, I will probably end it soon~
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